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About the Pure Herbs Founder

Dr. Eugene C. Watkins B.S.ed., M.S., N.D. had a diversified educational background including biology, biochemistry, botany and plant physiology. Following his undergraduate baccalaureate work in Science, Language and Education from S.E. Missouri University, he went on to continue his studies abroad at the Free University of West Berlin, Germany. Furthering his knowledge, he earned his Masters of Science degree from Michigan State University and received a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the Anglo-American Institute of Drugless Therapy in Bournemouth, Great Britain in 1976. He later earned a second Naturopathic Doctor’s Degree from the American University of Natural Therapeutics & Preventative Medicine in Mesa, Arizona.

While becoming an Iridologist and Herbologist of distinction, Dr. Watkins ran extensive studies on vitamins, minerals and herbs. Furthermore, while in practice as a Naturopath and nutritional consultant, he worked toward helping to expand the nutritional knowledge and wisdom of humankind.

Up until his passing in 2014, Dr. Watkins devoted his life to building better health naturally.