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Please Note: You must have an active account to purchase products. For additional information, read our FAQs or Apply to Become a Distributor. Any other questions or for more information, Contact Us.


The Distributor fee for joining Pure Herbs, Ltd.™ is $35.00. A person begins by filling out a Distributor Application Agreement form which can be found online here or it can be mailed or faxed to you. After completing the application and signing it, you can mail it or fax it to Pure Herbs, Ltd.™ We do not take phone applications. An application is a legally binding contract; therefore, we need the signature and social security number of the person filling out the application. Only one application and one name per household and/or business can be accepted. Upon approval by the company, the applicant becomes a Distributor. Once accepted, the Distributor can purchase products directly from Pure Herbs, Ltd.™ for their use or to distribute at their cost or at retail. The difference between Distributor cost and suggested retail is an average of 30% or more. There are no minimum or maximum purchase requirements to maintain your Distributorship. However, if a Distributor’s personal purchases equal at least $100.00 in any given calendar month, they will then, in addition to any potential profit on their retail sales, receive a purchase volume discount (see graph below), in the form of a check, the following month. It is possible for any Distributor to earn a percentage of purchase volume discount from the people directly under him or her in direct proportion to his or her efforts and business skill. By sponsoring new people and supporting those already under you, growth and income could be virtually unlimited. It is, however, important to remember that herbs are dietary supplements and need to be marketed as such.

If monthly personal purchases (dietary supplements only) are between: Distributor receives the following purchase volume discount:
$ 0.00 to $ 99.99 -0-
$100.00 to $299.99 10 %
$300.00 to $599.99 15%
$600.00 & Higher 20% is the highest percentage a Distributor can receive.


Distributors can choose to build a team by sponsoring other Distributors that will be a part of their direct (or zero) downline. If you decide to become a Director, it takes $1000.00 in personal and/or group purchases for two consecutive months. This can be achieved with at least $100.00 in personal purchases and the balance of at least $900.00 in purchase volume from your zero downline (group). Then, beginning on the first day of the third month, Directorship is achieved. At this level, one qualifies for a 30% purchase volume discount. Directors also receive commission, three levels down, on Distributors that become Directors underneath them.


Directors must have at least $1,000.00, every other month in personal and/or group purchases and must always have at least $100.00 in personal volume every month. If these qualifications are not met, Director status will be forfeited.


Three levels of commission are paid to Directors. The following is the commission structure on downline who obtain Director status:

First Level Directors — 10% (First Level is a person signed up by the original Distributor.)

Second Level Directors — 5% (Second Level is a person who was signed up by a First Level Director.)

Third Level Directors — 3% (Third Level is a person who was signed up by the Second Level Director.)


This allowance is yours to use as you wish. We make no demands on buying or leasing a vehicle. Yes, a buggy also qualifies as a vehicle.


  •   5 First Level Directors $300.00
  • 10 First Level Directors $500.00
  • 15 First Level Directors $600.00
  • 20 First Level Directors $700.00
  • 25 First Level Directors $800.00
  • 30 First Level Directors $900.00
  • 35 First Level Directors $1000.00

$1000.00 is the maximum vehicle
allowance per month.


Minimum — $50.00 each month.

A Director may transfer $50.00 or more of his/her P.V. (Purchase Volume) each month provided their own Personal Purchase Volume, with Pure Herbs, Ltd.™, is at least a minimum of $100.00. The transfer can be made to any Distributor. A transfer must be phoned in, faxed or received by mail before 5:30 p.m. E.T., no later than two days prior to the last business day of the month. All P.V. transfers after this time will automatically apply to the next month. There are no exceptions.

Convention Qualifications:

Each year Pure Herbs, Ltd.™ takes Convention qualifiers to an exciting location. Qualification period is January 1st through the last business day of that calendar year.

Your personal purchases, including the sales of the Distributors in your zero downline only, totaling $40,000.00 to $49,999.00.

Your personal purchases, including the sales of the Distributors in your zero downline only, totaling $50,000.00 to $69,999.00.

Your personal purchases, including the sales of the Distributors in your zero downline only, totaling $70,000.00 or more.

NOTE: From July 1st thru December 31st of the qualifying year, each of your 1st Level Directors that remains a 1st Level Director, entitles you to $1,000.00 towards qualification.

ALSO NOTE: To qualify for convention, Directorship must be maintained for the entire month of December. Also, the qualifier must be an active Distributor or Director at the time of the trip.

The Convention trip is for Qualified Directors and is based on two people attending. That can be either a Qualifier and spouse or family member — or two business partners.

If the designated Qualifier cannot attend, the trip cannot be passed on to another person and will be forfeited.

Directors will be notified of the Convention, if they qualify.


There is an annual renewal fee of $20.00 due on the anniversary of your sign-up. Should your membership  expire, there is a $25.00 Distributor’s Renewal Fee with Application, provided you are within 10 (ten) years of your most recent sign-up date.

Pure Herbs, Ltd. ™ will mail and/or email a renewal reminder postcard to you one month in advance of your renewal date. It is very important to make sure we have your current mailing and email addresses.