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Q. I just want to order products for myself.  I have no intentions of selling to others; must I become a Distributor/Member?
Yes, if you want to purchase products directly from our company.  We are a true multi-level marketing company and have only one price: the Distributor/wholesale price.

Q. Is there a minimum amount of products that I must order?
A. No.  We have no minimum purchase requirements.  Our only purchase/policy requirement, once you become a member, is the $20 annual renewal fee, should you decide to keep your account active.

Q. How do I find a sponsor? (Sponsor name)
A. You may list the person’s name on your Distributor Application who referred you to us and we will assign you under them if their account is an “Active” status. If you do not have a sponsor, we will find someone in your area who is knowledgeable with our products. Your sponsor is the person you may ask more in-depth questions that we are restricted from answering.

Q. Can I give my Distributor number to family and friends so they can order?
A. No.  You are the only one who can use your Distributor number.  However, we will ship products to anyone that you would like us to, but you must place the orders.  (This is called a Drop Ship – and there is a $5.00 Drop Ship Fee to do this.  See FAQ further below.)  Also, we have a policy of one Distributor per household or business – which is clearly stated in the Distributor Application Agreement Form.

Q. If I do not want to become a Distributor, can I still order your products?
A. Yes – but NOT directly from Pure Herbs.  If you call us, we will refer you to someone that you can purchase from.  Please keep in mind, it is normal to pay retail cost when not purchasing directly from our company.

Q. Why does Pure Herbs need my Social Security Number if I only want to purchase products for myself and do not intend to resell them?
A. Pure Herbs is a multi-level marketing company. If you purchase $100 worth or more of products in a business-calendar month, you will qualify for a purchase volume discount for that month. You will receive this discount in the form of a check the FOLLOWING month.  It is necessary for us to have your SSN, for tax purposes only, should we need to send a 1099 to you at the end of the year.  We DO NOT share or sell any of your personal information with anyone.

Q. Why did I receive a check from Pure Herbs, Ltd.
A. You purchased at least $100 in products during the previous month.

Q. Can I call Pure Herbs, Ltd. to get someone to direct me as to which products to use?
A. Unfortunately not.  We are here to only process the orders for the herbs you wish to purchase.  We are not allowed to give advice or suggestions as to what you might need or want to purchase. Hopefully, between the information available from reliable sources through the internet and your sponsor, you will find the best supplements to help contribute to your good health and well being.

Q. I left an order on voice mail on the 31st of the month, and it was not counted for that month’s Purchase Volume.  Why not?
All orders MUST be received by Pure Herbs, Ltd. BEFORE 5:30 p.m. E.T. on the last business day of the month. (Please keep in mind that during the Holidays, the mail service will probably take a little longer.)  All orders received after 5:30 p.m. E.T. will automatically go toward the following month’s purchase volume.  A good example of the last business day of the month would be:  if the 30th falls on a Sunday, the last business day would be Friday the 28th. (Legal holidays are not considered business days.) There are NO exceptions to this rule. During the summer months, we change to EDT (Eastern Daylight Savings Time). This could be very important to you or your downline, as it could affect your/their PV for which you would be responsible to correct. 

Q. Can I make changes to my order once it has been processed?
A. No.  Our customer service goal is to get your herbs to you in a timely manner.  In order to accomplish this; once an order is received, it is immediately sent to our Shipping Department, where the orders are quickly filled, packaged and shipped.

Q. In addition to the normal shipping fee, I was charged an additional $5 for shipping an order to a different address.  Why?
A. Our PURE HERBS, Ltd Company computer and UPS system use the default address where you regularly want your purchases sent. If you want an order shipped to a different address, that is called a “Drop-Shipment”, and there will be a $5 Drop-Ship Fee charged.  To avoid the drop-ship fee is to sign the person up as a distributor under you, or have the products shipped directly to you and then you can get the products delivered to them.

Q. I don’t like the taste of the herbs, what can I use to make them more palatable? Can I put them in something besides water?
A. Since we do not add sugar or artificial flavorings to our products, you get only genuine PURE HERBS extracts from us.  Some of these extracts – due to the nature of the herb - can be very bitter and difficult to swallow. You may put them in juice (preferably non-acidic) or water for flavoring or diluting.

Q. Are the herbs used by PURE HERBS, Ltd. organic?
We buy the best quality products. Not all of our products are organic/wild-crafted; it depends on different products and different lots of each product. The lot number printed on your bottle will be able to tell us if it is organic or wild crafted.  You can call us to find out if the lot number of the product you purchased is organic.

Q. Are the herbs used by PURE HERBS, Ltd. GMO free?
A. No, we do not source GMO- free herbs. But we do guarantee the quality of our products by conducting proper testing at every state to ensure consistency.

Q. Is the neutral grain spirits used by PURE HERBS, Ltd. GMO free?
A. No, the corn used as source of neutral grain spirits is not GMO free. However no detectable levels of GMO are expected to be present in the alcohol after it goes through a series of steps in the distillation process.

Q. I am gluten intolerant.   Which grain is used in the extraction process of the neutral grain spirits?
A. Not all Pure Herbs products are gluten free. Allergens are clearly indicated on the bottles and in the product description.
Corn is used in the extraction process of neutral grain spirits. Our Neutral Grain Spirits are gluten free and allergen free.